Editor’s Briefing: Happy 20th, T&T It’s great to be back in the left seat.

Editor’s Briefing: Happy 20th, T&T It’s great to be back in the left seat.

It is a great pleasure to return as editor of Twin & Turbine. Five years ago, I departed the left seat of this remarkable magazine to pursue some challenging opportunities that helped me grow as a professional and an aviator. Now, I am fortunate to rejoin Twin & Turbine as it celebrates its 20th year of continuous publication.

In 1997, the 2,500th Citation rolled off the line, the Learjet 45 was certified, Raytheon manufactured its first all-composite fuselage for the Premier I, Sino-Swearingen delayed the SJ30 program (again), WAAS was a concept, the FAA still gave weather briefings, and Bob Hoover was still performing in his Shrike. That year, with the business aviation industry booming, I joined Twin & Turbine as its first full-time editor. The concept was brilliant: Deliver a magazine with unique content specific to the needs and interests of the accomplished owner-pilot of cabin-class twins, turboprops and jets. No other magazine was directly addressing topics of interest to owner-pilots; some were focused on recreational piston pilots, while other pubs wrote to the corporate flight department audience. Twin & Turbine would be boldly different. And it worked! Today, the magazine continues to be the only monthly that speaks directly to the turbine owner-pilot.

In addition to my 14 years at Twin & Turbine, I have spent the last 30 years in a diverse set of marketing and media roles in the aviation industry. Following a stint as VP of corporate communications for an OEM, in 2013 my husband Tim and I decided to pursue our dream of owning an aviation business with the purchase Kansas Aircraft Corporation, an established, well-respected aircraft sales organization located in Kansas City. After three years of aggressive growth, jetAVIVA acquired Kansas Aircraft in June 2016 with the intent of adding additional sales expertise to their portfolio.

Following the integration of the two companies, I decided to return to my roots and first loves: flying, writing and editing. Thanks to my experiences over the last five years, I am bringing with me a treasure trove of knowledge and insight that could only be gained by working on the front lines of the business aviation industry. A little older, yes. A little wiser, I hope so. Still passionate about aviation, absolutely.

As we begin a new year, it is my mission to make this magazine a valuable resource for owner-pilots with content that will help you operate your aircraft more safely, intelligently and efficiently. Look for new features and sections that will bring you fresh insights and information that will help you make smarter purchase decisions. For example, you will notice a new section called Jet Journal that is focused specifically on owner-flown jets and products and services that support them. Finally, it is my goal to help you discover new ways to enjoy and take advantage of the amazing magic carpets we call airplanes.

In parting, I would like to thank LeRoy Cook for his outstanding leadership of the magazine for the past five years. LeRoy is a consummate gentleman, impeccable pilot and one of the industry’s best writers. He promises he has a few words yet to write and we hope he will share them with us occasionally.

Should you have a story idea, feedback or comments, I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to email me at editor@diannewhite.com.

Here’s to a prosperous and high-flying 2017!

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