Daher-sponsored Parasol Replica Joins EAA Aviation Museum  

Daher-sponsored Parasol Replica Joins EAA Aviation Museum  

If you attended AirVenture 2017, you may have admired a full-sized Morane-Saulnier Type L “Parasol” airplane on display in the Daher/Socata exhibit area. Daher has announced that this hand-built aircraft will join the EAA Aviation Museum collection in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

The flightworthy replica aircraft originally was planned for a return to France. However, the company honored EAA’s request that the Parasol be permanently displayed at the museum. It will be located near the facility’s entrance between the historic reproductions of the Wright brothers’ Wright Flyer and Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis.

The six-year construction effort for the Type L Parasol was managed by the Association Héritage Avions Morane-Saulnier, whose volunteers – both retired and current workers of Daher and predecessor companies (including some Morane-Saulnier veterans in their mid-80s) – contributed their skills, energy and passion. Daher supported the project by providing workspace, tooling and expertise.

The replica retains the Type L Parasol’s original wooden structure configuration, along with its wing-warping system and the aircraft’s all-flying rudder and stabilator controls.

“The Parasol was an extremely important aircraft to the Allied powers of World War I and an important symbol of the friendship between France and the United States during the war,” said Bob Campbell, director of the EAA Aviation Museum. “We are most honored and proud to accept this replica in the same spirit shared between our two great nations during that conflict.”

“The response to the Type L’s presence from EAA AirVenture Oshkosh attendees, including members of our global TBM community, was impressive,” said Nicolas Chabbert, senior vice president of Daher Airplane Business Unit. “When the opportunity came to include this element of aviation history in the EAA Aviation Museum, we were pleased that the Association Héritage Avions Morane-Saulnier agreed – and Daher fully supports the decision.”

As a result of the donation, Daher has offered to sponsor the construction of a second flightworthy Type L replica, which will be produced and based in France.

“Our team of dedicated volunteers are extremely proud to have the Parasol included in the EAA Aviation Museum,” commented Daniel Bacou, President of the Association Héritage Avions Morane-Saulnier. “Of course, it was difficult to part ways with the aircraft after six years of hard work, but we thank Daher for the very generous offer that enables us to embark on a new exciting project for the second reproduction.

From left to right: Daniel Bacou, president of Heritage Avions Morane-Saulnier, Patrick Daher, chairman of Daher group,
with members of the construction team, Claude Canerie, Gérard Frances, Mickael Brahier and Jean-Claude Arne.

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