En Route: Daher Announces ISR Configuration

En Route: Daher Announces ISR Configuration

Last month, Daher revealed a new ISR configuration of its TBM 910 and TBM 930 single-turboprop aircraft. The enhanced ISR capability for Daher’s current TBM family aircraft was announced during Eurosatory, an international defense and security show held in Paris. 

This new TBM configuration is characterized by underwing hardpoints that enable the aircraft to be equipped with various sensors and large-format cameras. A Daher flight test campaign validated that the TBM retains its standard handling qualities and flight performance in the altered configuration.

“The new TBM ISR version brings a fast, all-weather airborne platform to the market for surveillance operations and aerial photography, with a very competitive cost-performance ratio compared to existing solutions,” said Nicolas Chabbert,
director of the Daher Airplane Business Unit. 

Daher claims the ISR-equipped TBM aircraft can fulfill a wide range of defense, security, medical evacuation and transport missions, capable of more than six hours of endurance and the ability to be reconfigured rapidly for its various duties. In the cabin, a quick-change console can be mounted behind the pilot for an operator to monitor the various systems and tactical situations.

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