En Route: CenTex Aerospace Achieves Numerous Milestones With Its Saddle Tank Conversion STC

En Route: CenTex Aerospace Achieves Numerous Milestones With Its Saddle Tank Conversion STC

EnrouteThe FAA has approved CenTex’s revised PMA for Saddle Tank kits, adding the King Air 200 and 300 series aircraft to the original PMA for the King Air 90 aircraft.

Fuel Tanks LogoThe first installation of the CenTex Saddle Tanks Plus has been completed at Elliott Aviation in Moline, IL. The conversion was performed on a King Air 350 for an operator located in Kansas City, MO. The Saddle Tanks Plus will allow the operator to conduct non-stop flights to the west coast with NBAA reserves using Boeing wind data. This eliminates a fuel stop which provides a time savings of 45 minutes on the flight. In addition to the reduction in flight time, they are able to experience the added benefit of more comfort and less disruption for the passengers. Also, the increased cargo capacity in the Saddle Tanks Plus provides the added convenience to carry several standard carry-on bags, or engine & propeller covers and plugs. The professionalism and quality installation by Elliott Aviation resulted in a superior, on time conversion. Exceptional customer satisfaction was established due to the cooperative effort between Elliott and CenTex Aerospace.

Supplementary production of the Saddle Tanks has begun at a manufacturing facility in Wichita, KS. This will allow CenTex to meet the growing demand for the Saddle Tanks. The facility, which also manufactures fuel tanks for OEMs such as Boeing and LearJet, will complete the first set of CenTex Saddle Tanks for a King Air 350 customer in a few weeks.

saddle-tank-plusAccording to Greg Barnes, President of CenTex, “It has been an extremely busy time, and CenTex is truly blessed with talented and dedicated employees that allow us to provide an innovative product at an exceptional value. The response to our Saddle Tanks has been overwhelming, and we are continuing in our efforts to add even more modifications and enhancements to the King Air lineage based on the needs expressed by our customers. I do believe that CenTex is ‘Making Aviation Better’, a company mission statement that has been reinforced by the positive comments we consistently receive from our customers.”

Contact CenTex Aerospace by phone (254-752-4290), email (info@centex.aero), or visiting the corporate office in Waco, TX (KACT).

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