CAF Red Tail Squadron is Back in the Air

CAF Red Tail Squadron is Back in the Air

For the record, the U.S. Air Force of Historical Research list the Red Tails as first participating in the air campaign in May of 1943 and started escorting bombers in July of 1944 in the European theater.

Two Tuskegee airmen shot down four to five enemy aircraft and many of the other Red Tails shot down one or two enemy aircraft, but there were also many losses of Tuskegee airmen. Overall, good pilots but not better than anyone else, and certainly not “possibly better than many of the white pilots of the day.” Everyone of every color did their job!

In July of 1944 the Tuskegee airmen began escorting the bombers, and, once again, according to the Air Force office of Historical Research, 22 bombers were lost due to enemy action while being escorted by the Red Tails. 

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