Best Pilots Make the Best CEO’s and the Best Lovers

Best Pilots Make the Best CEO’s and the Best Lovers

Best Pilots Make the Best CEO’s and the Best Lovers

That ‘s my takeaway from a report I read from researchers at Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and the University of Oregon. In a study that compared the relative success of 179 companies led by CEO’s who are pilots and 2,900 companies led by non- pilots, researchers found that pilot-led companies tended to do better than those who do not fly. The so-called “Sensation Seeking” Scale developed in the 1970’s measures behaviors exhibited by sensation seekers, and flying fits a category of that type of personality.

Sensation seekers are also prone to habitual drug use, sex, psychopathy, risk-taking and cognitive innovation. I didn’t tell Patty about the drug and psychopathy stuff, but now I have an official study to convince her that, after 43 years of marriage, the sex has been great.

By the way, do you know what they call a psychotic pilot?

A Wing Nut…..

Have You Ever Made the Perfect Flight?

I haven’t, although I am still trying. Once, in a flight in my Mustang, I hit the wrong button on the G1000 and put the #1 Com on the previous frequency. I didn’t realize my error until all the stupid pilots kept referring to Fort Worth Center as Albuquerque. Oops.

How Did You Do on Your Last Flight?

Do you ever get sloppy? Make little mistakes? On your drive home from the airport, after you have finished texting, give yourself a mental report card. How many knots fast were you over the fence? Did you transmit like a professional or a high school student? How far off the yellow line were you during taxi? Did you leave something dangling on the airplane after engine start?

A friend of mine – we will call him Bob – tells an educational story about a preflight he did, When He Was With His Instructor, in his single pilot jet. In a little bit of a hurry, with his cell phone ringing constantly, they both finished the walk-around and closed the door, buckled in, and began to start the left engine.

Have you ever had a really noisy engine start? You know, the kind where you ingest something like a big red engine cover?

This cover was really cool. It had lots of folding metal parts. The engine was kind of like a Quisinart as it devoured the cover. A very expensive cover.

By the way, if you REALLY want to start a Mustang engine with a cover installed, make sure it’s the rear plug. It won’t even light off. Don’t ask me how I know. What I learned from Bob’s experience is that it always pays to take a second look. I count the red covers before I throw them in the baggage compartment and I do an extra visual around the airplane before I start. I even call it “Bob’s” check.

Are You an Incredible Pilot or an Incredible CEO?

Have you ever talked to a captain of a G650 or Global Express or Falcon 7X? I have. And I quickly realized that, as good a pilot as I thought I was, I am really just an amateur.

When I owned a business, I used to take off at 6 a.m. in my pilot mode and work all day in my CEO mode then fly back that night. This worked fine in my early flying days, until I bought a Duke and there was just too much to do. So I hired JC part-time to do the heavy lifting, fueling, weather, preflight, etc. I could work all day without worrying every 30 minutes about the weather. We briefed on departure and I got to enjoy the flying part.

Later, when we had the Saberliner and the Falcon 10, they required two-person crews and I got to learn from some very experienced captains who flew with me. Those were some of the most enjoyable flying hours of my career.

Fly safe.

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