540.440-convkeyboard-400New entry-level IFD440 provides a la carte pricing for added functionality.

Avidyne Corporation announced on February 1, 2016 that it is offering a new lower-priced IFD440FMS/GPS/NAV/COM, starting at $12,399, including mounting tray and installation kit.

The new entry-level IFD440 pricing option allows customers to add wireless (WiFi & Bluetooth®) for $1,300 and Forward Looking Terrain Alerting (FLTA/RTC) for an additional $1,300, should they choose. These capabilities are enabled as add-ons through separate activations. Previously, all IFD440s included wireless and FLTA/RTC at $14,995 + $650 for tray and install kit.

“Our new IFD440 pricing allows customers to get access to a new Avidyne FMS/GPS/NAV/COM at an even lower cost,” said Dan Schwinn, Avidyne’s President & CEO. “Enabling the built-in wireless capabilities– including Bluetooth and WiFi–and FLTA/RTC through a la carte activations gives customers a lower-cost, entry-level solution with more flexibility when outfitting their aircraft.”

“While many customers will opt for having all functionality enabled, this new IFD440 pricing makes it much easier for customers to do apples-to-apples price comparisons with competitive systems that do not have these performance-enhancing extra features,” said Tom Harper, Avidyne’s Director of Marketing. “It will also allow customers who are buying multiple IFD440 units or an IFD540 and IFD440 to reduce their overall costs by only having the added functionality in one unit if they choose.”

The IFD540 will continue to be offered with WiFi/Bluetooth & FLTA/RTC included as standard functions for $16,999, and with 16-watt transmit as an option. The mounting tray and installation kit are included in the retail price, which represents a price savings of $650 MSRP.

Additional information: www.avidyne.com.

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