In Response to Kevin Ware’s “It’s All About the Ice” 

I just wanted to say I enjoyed Kevin Ware’s excellent and informative piece regarding icing in the Pacific Northwest (May 2018 issue). We may have passed in the dark at altitude in years gone by. I was the aviation manager for GTE for many years with Citations based in Paine and Camarillo, California. Back in the day, climbing eastbound from Paine across the Cascades during a winter warm front in our earlier King Air A100 was much like your story. 

Now retired in Yakima, I have a Cessna P210. My biggest transition from jets to the 210 was rethinking its lack of capability in weather and icing. Last week, I went IFR Selah-Beezr- Bandr-KPAE and Center kindly allowed me to stay at 9,000 westbound to avoid icing as you so aptly described. My P210 is equipped with FIKI, but the FAA neglected to mention that the certification is good for about 10 minutes in the moderate stuff.

Keep up the good work,
John Davis


In Response to David Miller’s “That’s What Friends are for”

Great piece! God has provided me the talent and time to fly. He has provided an aircraft for me to “manage.” There is no greater joy than serving Him by serving others via Wings of Mercy, Angel Flight and Veterans Airlift Command. Such a humbling honor and experience. 

P.S. Plus a good pilot is always looking for flying opportunities and an excuse to exercise the plane. 

Michael Miller

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