In Response to Kevin Ware’s “Higher Minimums”

I always read your articles with interest however, the April article truly hit home. Very well written and thought out. I, like you, am a high time retired AF and airline pilot. I now fly King Airs and personally own a 340 that I love. You hit the “minimums” on the head. I couldn’t believe you said you started looking at the weather a week out; that is exactly what I do when I fly the family and grandkids, often cancelling trips that would be a no brainer in my other world – even in the same airplane.  

As a 40,000-hour pilot in virtually all types, I think you and Kevin Dingman hit it on every issue. Even after all this time, it is still fun. Like you say, if you are getting paid, then you are doing a job and it’s actually easier, huh?  And we are definitely more “picky” about our fun! 

Thanks for writing such great articles.

Jeff H.
Cessna 340 Owner
Retired Air Force and Airline Pilot


In Response to David Miller’s “More or Less”

Nice article, and I thank you for all the great articles you have provided us with. I have a small problem with the last part of, “More or Less” that we are owner operators and not professional pilots. While I agree that we may not be commercial pilots, I believe some of us are professional owner-operators.   

My background is former airline (captain) for a major carrier and I now manage and own several healthcare-related businesses. I train every year at SIMCOM and while nothing is close to what and how I trained before, I still consider myself a professional pilot. While my personal and aircraft limits are different now, that’s what keeps me pro!  

Just my opinion. I would consider you to be a pro as well considering what you fly and how often you train. Thank you for hearing me out. 

Your fellow friend and aviator,

Jose L.
Captain 737-200

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