In Response to Kevin Ware’s “To Trade or Not to Trade” 
Just read your piece referenced above. Your logic aligns with my own. I bought my 340A in 1980 and it does what I need and probably more economically than any of the reasonable alternatives. As you noted, however, older planes need occasional major TLC. In my case, it needs a paint job and new interior. I am in Texas but would like to hear whether you have any specific advice. Thanks.

John Alexander

 I have had my ‘78 340 for 13 years. I keep spending money on it and loving it. My biggest issue is related to the lifters! I am excited to have just installed a new set of polished carbide faced lifters. Sure hope that fixes this problem anyway. Funny, your article is exactly the conversation I have with myself just prior to every upgrade! Loved it. Great job.  

Philip Mattison

In Response to David Miller’s “How Much Stress is Enough?” 
Thanks so much. Really enjoy the magazine and your article this time brought back when I lived in Plano. In all my years of flying, I’ve never had to stop for weather 20 miles short of destination – brilliant. If only others would so readily bring a second pilot along. 

Chuck Hosmer

 In Response to Kevin Ware’s “Stuff Happens” 
Just read your article “Stuff Happens” in T &T. I really appreciated it and cut out the last paragraph to keep on my wall. I had an incident with my JetProp last year where I couldn’t get the gear down despite using the emergency gear release and had to perform a gear-up landing. Luckily no injuries but just a bruised ego.

Ronen Elefant

Thanks for your recent article.  I agree that those of us who have had stuff happen really look back to second guess ourselves as to what we could have done better. It is easy to become an MMQ as we sit in the comfort of our favorite armchair and take hours to resolve when the pilot had only a few seconds to minutes. Your comment matches the same advice I received several years ago from two Marine A-4 pilots (one retired as a 2-star general); it is a successful flight if everyone walks away without injury. Thanks again.

Allen Yourman

In Response to David Miller’s “Belted” 
David, a terrific reminder about seat belts. I’m going to circulate your article to our pilot team and our family and frequent business travelers. Thank you, sir!  

Brian McCoy

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