In Response to Kevin Ware’s “Turning Professional” (February)
Just a quick thanks for sharing your career path story in the latest T &T. I’m happy for you that you’ve ended up engaged in a career you enjoy and beyond that share your experiences with us monthly in Twin & Turbine. I’ve wanted to write before just to say how much I enjoy “Jet Journal” each month. I especially agreed with an article you’d written last year about traveling on commercial airlines. But thought I should wait for another time rather than simply commiserate about all the knuckleheads riding in a jet and pulling down the sunshade appreciating absolutely nothing about either the privilege or physics of flight.

I too am a physician and had to undergo a “top overhaul” a few years ago. While I don’t fly professionally, I’ve made flying a part of my work lifestyle going to locums assignments regularly in my own plane. Committed to flying to assignments has made me approach all my flying with a more professional attitude. In 2018, I was able to fly to every job and did not fly commercial or drive once. Even still, I am always learning and recognizing how I might have performed better. Thanks again.

Myles Tieszen MD FACS


Just read your article in February’s Twin & Turbine – very inspiring, thank you very much.

It was also nice to see the credit you gave to your wife for her support enabling your success. Congratulations on your awesome achievements!

Sven Frietag


In a Letter to the Editor
I have been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. I have owned a PA31-310 Panther Navajo for over 20 years. Just as you remembered your family vacations flying in your parents’ aircraft, I have had the pleasure of having my now 91-year-old Mom travel with me on a many a fun flight.

Attached is a photo that I wanted to share with you. I always leave my copies of T &T at my Mom’s facility. She loves looking at the magazine as it always brings back memories of our adventures. Please keep up your fine work at the magazine.

Clark Tesh

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