In Response to David Miller’s “My Father’s Son” (April)

I trust this message finds you and Patty well. I just read the above captioned article. Thank you. I mentioned to you once how strikingly similar some aspects of our aviation careers have been. I realized this morning there’s another similarity.

I have attached for you a picture of my dad (“Captain Nick” as the grandkids call him) in the early 1950s. When asked one day what size shorts he wore, he replied that he wore a 34, but a 36 felt so good he just went ahead and bought a 38. I could go on. Aivey and I send our best.

David A. Street


I am a lifelong private pilot still flying a JetProp at 77 and someone who loves good humor. So, I write to confirm to you that as someone who always is tempted to read your T &T column first, I thank you for your latest story. You should know that the cliché “LOL” rang true as I read your touching and very funny story about your father. I only wish I could have known him. A great story and a wonderful legacy. Thank you for sharing!

Bud Risser


In Response to Kevin Ware’s “Small Mistakes” (April)

Your and David Miller’s columns are the main reasons I enjoy my monthly issue of Twin & Turbine. I especially enjoyed yours this month as I frequently find myself doing much of the same analysis after a flight. 

Since you appear interested in experiencing and writing about many areas of aviation, I would like to invite you to join us for the Veterans Flight 2019 Pensacola Beach Air Show. We’re rapidly running out of World War II veterans, so we’re making a major effort this year to locate and reach out to veterans who live outside our local area and any help you could give us will be greatly appreciated. There are some great stories about veterans who have flown with us, and there will be more on our website in the near future – 

Roy Kinsey Jr.

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