In Response to Kevin Ware’s “Cheap at Any Price” (February)

“Cheap at Any Price” was laugh out loud funny! I have made it now 20 months without riding a commercial airline. It is cheap transportation, but it is no fun. 

I met you at a TTCF Convention a couple of years back. You did a presentation on flying into a short field with the Cessna 340. I do not recall the location, but I do recall your presentation well.

I had a 14-year love affair with my 1980 C340. I am now at the end of my second year loving my TBM; a different type of affair but a lovable airplane (less intimate as it never breaks). I always enjoy your columns. Thanks for writing them.

Jim O’Day


I got a kick out of your article in Twin & Turbine. I especially liked the description of you taking your seat on a commercial flight. I have experienced the same and I am a small frame person. 

I was changing planes in Atlanta last month when sitting next to a fellow who just went through the same, and he addressed the overeater letting him know it wasn’t his fault that he ate himself out of a seat. 

We just sold our company plane and I can’t wait to get the upgrade and hoping that will happen soon. Thanks for the story that I will force my wife to read. Fly safe.

John Fontaine


I just finished your article, “Cheap at Any Price.” That is the best (worst?) description of airline travel I’ve read. Thanks – you just killed my idea of retiring early and flying a corporate gig. After years of personal travel via general aviation, there’s no way I could handle the airline side of corporate flying. I guess you did me a favor. Great article. Keep them coming.

John Ewald

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