Advertiser Spotlight:
Strategic Moves

Advertiser Spotlight: <br>Strategic Moves

Advertiser Spotlight:
Strategic Moves

Expedite Your Transition to a New Airplane With Strategic Moves

In many pilot’s flying lives, there will be a desire to move up to a larger piston twin, a cabin-class turboprop, or a luxury business jet. Strategic Moves provides an expedited path to transition.

“Our Transition Training Program uses a defined custom syllabus to qualify you in a new airplane,” said Steve Setzer, Strategic Moves owner. “We will craft the exact training program you need to safely move up in the shortest amount of hours. And we regularly travel to train on-site if needed to maximize efficiency and complete training within the parameters of a client’s busy professional schedule and stringent insurance requirements.”

Also with a custom syllabus, these programs can teach such skills as overwater and international operations, mountain and high altitude flying, short field procedures or other skills that an owner-pilot needs to take full advantage of their current or new “move up” airplane.
One success story that illustrates the efficiency of the training programs at Strategic Moves is of an international pilot moving up from a Cirrus to a PC-12, who couldn’t get his Pilatus insured as a solo pilot. “This pilot had roughly 500 hours, all in single-engine piston airplanes,” explains Setzer. “We delivered his PC-12, and started training the first day using a program we developed just for him. We flew with him in excess of 100 hours dual instruction over five months through out the US, to make him insurance eligible as a solo pilot. We were told by the major insurance company that at the time, he had the lowest amount of hours for any owner-flown PC-12 they had insured.”

Several years later, Strategic Moves transitioned him to a Gulfstream G150, which required a type rating and new crew management instruction. “This was a very motivated pilot who truly has a passion for all things aviation, and he put in the effort to become insurable in the G150. Our latest transition for him was to PIC of his Gulfstream G280, with more focus on CRM and international flights. All of his training was completed with respect to his busy schedule using our very flexible team of professional training pilots,” Setzer said.

Strategic Moves has recently moved to a larger new facility at Rowan County Airport (RUQ) in Salisbury, North Carolina with increased office space, a luxury passenger lounge for their growing charter business, and 15,000 square-feet of hangar space for aircraft they manage and maintain. The company is hosting an Open House on November 10th from 4 to 7 p.m. for tours and to introduce their management and professional pilot training teams.


For more information on the custom transition training and pilot mentoring services or aircraft management services and charter facility at RUQ, visit or call (877) 352-7212.


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